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What Our VIMA Parents Say



„My son had an amazing musical experience at VIMA! I watched him grow from a shy young boy into having great stage presence and eye contact with the audience. He really enjoys playing his viola! He is now a Freshman in college and is playing in the orchestra. Thank you VIMA!“

Randolf B. Hanson, USAOnline

„Thank you VIMA for all your great work! We love the Celtic Virtuoso Apprenticeship. When the kids started playing my husband took out his old guitar and they had a wonderful session. I couldn´t help it, I was dancing around the room. Love this!“

Marion Shannon
Online, Singapore

„I cannot imagine more wonderful and dedicated music teachers than those working at VIMA. What my children have learned with and through them over the years goes beyond the instrumental

study of Violin and Cello. The apprenticeship that VIMA has been developing has introduced my children to some of the most beautiful classical works by Austrian and European composers, and through music, has deepened their knowledge and understanding of Viennese culture in general.

Thank you, VIMA, for creating such amazing musical experience for students and a truly authentic

creative and enjoyable space for learning and performing.“

Mag. Ditas Amry, Vienna

„Great performance! Bravo VIMA for the training you have given these young musicians. A gift for life! A especially applauded the interpretation of the music of Johann Strauss, the Waltz King! All of the VIMA musicians are young and full of great promise!"

Joseph Bergmüller,
Audience member, Vienna

„We treasure that our daughter can learn to play so many masterpieces from Mozart. She does not have this opportunity at her school and she enjoys her online lessons so much. Thanks to you VIMA.“ 

Yoshiko Nakasawa, 
Online, Tokyo

„We almost felt being back in Vienna. The lessons with you brings us and both of our children back to wonderful time we spent in Vienna. Through VIMA the Viennese Music is still with us in our new home.“

Julian Nesbitt 
Online, Malysia 

„My son loves playing with VIMA. And he loves playing the Viennese and Irish Music.  
It is wonderful to listening to the beautiful performances of the Viennese Golden era of Waltz Music. All of the VIMA musicians are young and full of great promise!“

Robert Dunbar,

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