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FOR all LIVE and Online Registration Season 2023/2024.


Registration for season 2023/2024 opens on August 10th 2023.


To register your child, and to answer any questions you have for the Vienna International Music Apprenticeship for LIVE and ONLINE Programs, please read the following information in 3 easy steps:




Step 1: Send us an email including your child's age, and please include how long they have been learning their instrument.


Step 2: Include a short, recent video clip of your child playing a piece of their choice, which they are currently learning; no longer than 2 mins and non edited.

 The recording should not be older than 2 weeks. No YouTube videos, please.


A video from a quality phone will be sufficient. Please make sure that the sound and picture quality is adequate, so that we can provide the most suitable Apprenticeships to start with according to their current level of playing.


Step 3: For ONLINE MEMBERSHIP please state from which country you are contacting us.



Should there be a place available at VIMA you will be contacted by us to set up a meeting online with the parent or guardian together with your child.

At our meeting we will set up a special plan specifically for your child according to which Apprenticeship they would like to attend. We will provide you with all  further information and answer any questions you have about becoming a member of the Vienna International Music Apprenticeship.

We look forward to your submissions!

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