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Who can join the Vienna International Music Apprenticeship (VIMA)? 

Non-beginner violinists, violists, cello and double bass between the ages of 7- 18yrs.


How do I sign up for online programs?



I am an adult viola player who is looking for online lessons. Is it possible to sign up for lessons at VIMA?

Yes sure, please see VIMA MEMBERSHIP.


Do I need to send an email including  a recording of my child's playing if I only have a couple of questions first before applying?

Yes, then it will be easier to answer your questions for becoming a member of VIMA.


Does my child receive a grade after he/she completes one program?

Vienna International Music Apprenticeship is not a school but a music organization providing Extracurricular music programs.

As member of our VIMA your child will awarded an official Certificate having completed the full requirements of the program  at the end of every season.

VIMA Summer Camp 2022

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