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The Vienna International Music Apprenticeship (VIMA) is a music organization based in Vienna, Austria. VIMA provides extra curricular opportunities for non-beginner strings students

ages 10 - 18 and for University students visiting Vienna from abroad (see Internships) to perform with us professionals at amazing historic venues in the capital city of classical music.


Our online students enjoy the benefits of easy scheduling, performing their VIMA programs on stage for Talent Shows and more at their school in their current home country. All Online Students receive official VIMA Certification.


We train our Online Advanced Level performers to compete at the very prestigious, online Vienna International Music Competition at the Musikverein.



All members of the Vienna International Music Apprenticeship who have completed the full requirements of the VIMA program will receive an official Certification at the end of the season.  


The VIMA Story


VIMA was founded by international concert violinist and teacher Karen Murray, MA, and cellist

Univ. Prof. Edwin Vanecek. 


As the parents of a cellist son, who entered the International School system, the concept of VIMA was created following our return from the US, to support the international and diplomat community during their years spent in Vienna.

We are top professional string players who are invited to perform many concerts in Vienna with a special focus on the Viennese classical and Irish repertoire.


While our younger musicians enjoy their first experiences playing on stage, a special feature of VIMA is to train our Advanced musicians to perform 4 Concerts per Season with us at professional level events in Vienna.


Throughout our Apprenticeship program, we have been able to support many of our musicians who have achieved a high success rate in placements, among them, Cambridge University, Juilliard School of Music, University of Virginia, MIT, Yale University and the University of Edinburgh.

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